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The Educational Value of Stuffed Animals?

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The Educational Value of Stuffed Animals!

Are there educational values to stuffed animals?  It seems that there are.  I found this interesting article on the internet and wish to share it with you.  Click Below.

Stuffed animals offer educational benefits to kids of all ages!

What is the total revenue of plush animal toys in the US?

See the Article: Plush animals U.S. toy sales from 2003 to 2015It would seem that we love our plush animal toys and that we are willing to spend big bucks in order to have them.  Notice in the graph how the dollar amounts have fluctuated throughout the years.  There may be reasons for this.  Could [...]

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Can Stuffed Animals Teach Kids Important Skills?

Stuffed Animals seem to have something special about them.  This article points to the fact that stuffed animals can teach kids important skills.  It is a quick read and it offers an interesting perspective on a child's view of the wonderful little friends they may make in a stuffed animal.Read it Now!

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Do You Need Safe Stuffed Animals?

What are the Safety Issues with Stuffed Animals?We all want to protect our children from all possible dangers.  This includes the toys that they play with.  I have offered an article for you to read that does a pretty good job discussing the safety issues of stuffed animals.  It's a quick read and it hits the basics...enjoy!Read [...]

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Is Science Right? Are Stuffed Animals good for Us?

What Does Science Have to Say About Stuffed Animals?After reading the article that I am going to post, I have an even greater appreciation for stuffed animals!Seems like we are undervaluing the true and deep desire to love stuffed animals.  Research seems to bear out that we love our little stuffed animals and that ain't all bad.  Security [...]

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We aren't the only ones who love Stuffed Animals!

This Little Koala Likes This Little Stuffed Animal!Wow, this is a neat story!  Animals are friends of the stuffed animal, too!Read this neat and inspiring story about a young Koala Bear and a friend that is soft, cuddly and cute!Find Your Story Here!Here is Another Great Story About Little Shayne!

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